Types Of Guest Posts We Accept

  1. An article which has insights about a particular domain/industry in the startup ecosystem.
  2. The article can be in the form of advice for entrepreneurs, investors or innovators.
  3. We also accept listicles, but they should not be promotional for a specific brand/company or promoting the author’s brand/company in any form.
  4. Learnings from a personal entrepreneurial journey, investors with a value add a factor for founders and investors respectively.
  5. Articles about a specific sector update/forecast – example – change in policy, the introduction of the new tax regime, any impending merger/acquisition or controversial issues that require a conversation.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  1. Ensure that the article is not in the form of a press release or meant for mass consumption or promotions. An article shouldn’t be promoting any particular brand or the brands associated with the author directly or indirectly.
  2. Articles must be shared in .docx format only.
  3. Make sure the content is original, wherever necessary, please add proper references and linkbacks.The article should be more than 500 words.
  4. The article should not contain more than 2 link backs (One should be in Author Bio)
  5. A relevant Image (1000×700) should also be shared with the docs. file.
  6. Please use pointers and subheads wherever applicable.
  7. Content should be backed by data wherever necessary.
  8. Should not be plagiarised, in case we find the content is plagiarised, we will block the author immediately and will not be covering anything related to the author, the brand or company in future.

For complete guest post guidelines, Check the Complete Editorial Policy for Guest Post.